Deconstructing Our Energetic Skeletons

There is structure in everything and this structure controls the way energy will flow in your life. Energy, like anything, takes the path of least resistance. Like water follows the structure of the river bed, so will your life follow the structures you have set up.

This 1:1 program is designed to begin the exploration process into where your structures are creating you to take action that doesn’t align with what you would love. I am deeply passionate about this work and just how much it can change your life.

I believe in every one of us being powerful creators of our lives. I also acknowledge external influences as not controlled by us, but I hold each client in the space of wholeness and as not broken. For this work to hold the incredible power it is capable of, both of us need to be prepared to show up and do the work.

Program Details

Over the course of 8 weeks we will meet fortnightly for 60-75 minutes via skype or zoom. In these sessions we will be deeply honest and raw about your life, your circumstances and the actions you can begin to take to change these structures.

You will be given homework to help unpack even more of what is underneath the surface as well.

There may be ritual written for you, if you comfortable with this.


$111 for the full 8 weeks.