Mandala Birth Chart


Ink on paper
(at least 30cm x 30cm)



Astrology is a powerful and magical tool that we can use to understand and unlearn our patterning, allowing us to develop into the desire led and soul informed humans we came here to be.

I created these mandala drawn natal charts to bring the magic of the mandala and sacred touch of creation together with your chart. They have evolved past the information in the accompanying reading into a beautiful piece of art in their own right.

The drawing process itself is a ritual of remembering, of deeply seeing your soul on a level of connection above the human self, this sacred ritual brings the creative element of the mandala and ties it to your chart.

Each mandala chart is ritually smudged (with rosemary and lavender), cleared and blessed upon finish, with the blessing included in the parcel. A basic reading of your sun sign, moon sign and rising sign is included also, if you desire a reading of the Goddess Asteroids in your chart instead, please let me know. If there is anything that comes through to me regarding blockages, or where you are not allowing yourself to be free in some way, this will be included with the reading as well.

These charts make amazing gifts for birthdays, anniversaries or Christening gifts. I have also drawn business birth charts, marriage birth charts among actual charts for the time of a baby’s birth.


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