Wise Woman Initiate


A few years ago it became clear to me during a time of deep structural change to my life, that we as women NEED our Elders and Wise Women. Recently I could also see that working with the Wise Women I have chosen has led me to become a Wise Woman-in-training. I take this job seriously. It is in bringing back the coming of ages that we have had ripped from us and destroyed time and time again, it is the honouring of all of a woman. It is in the homecoming of permission giving, it is in the beauty of the greyness of our lives, of our souls, of our circumstances. It is in the making of our lives through the small actions we don’t even think about. 

I am a Mother. I have spent many years mourning my Maiden, seeking her out and trying to find my way back to her after she had long morphed into a strong Mother I was unable to feel, because of my seeking. I now sit in a place where I am proud of the woman I am. I am an artist. I create not only artworks but my life from a Creative Orientation. I am a Witch. Hereditary, Solitary, Nature Worshipping Witch. I am an Alchemist. I use circle and vision to create my life from what I desire. I am an Academic. I am studying my Master of Arts majoring in Studies in Religion (focusing on women within religion).

I believe in poetry, our myths, nature, love, desire, shadows, food, pleasure, anger, art, the wheel of the year, doggy cuddles, ancestral medicine, play, raising powerful sovereign children, curiosity, storytelling, gardens and the immense power of each and every woman on this Earth.

I see our structures in this world for what they are. I choose to play with some of them, and refuse to play with others. I refuse to see you as broken, or myself for that matter. I am always learning, I am not complete or delivered or already there. I’m on my path and I am deeply committed to unpacking my layers deeper and deeper. I am in love with the premise of ‘what would you love?’ 


Wildcrafted Package Includes

~ Stunning personalised Mandala Birth Chart with a basic natal reading (we go more indepth in our sessions together).
~ 12 months of having me on your team, not just during coaching sessions. I am available in between as well.
~ Weekly or fortnightly coaching sessions, dependant on your need level at the time.
~ A private Facebook group created solely for my private clients undertaking the Wildcrafted journey with me.
~ Personalised rituals and astral energy work plus other little bits and pieces of juiciness as they come up.

Got Questions? Suss me out in a Discovery Session!

You are not broken, you are powerful and you are creating your life right now. Are you ready to create from a completely different orientation?

You can be done with shame, all those feelings that you aren’t good enough, or that you aren’t powerful or in control. You can learn to trust yourself and listen to your own desires first. You are enough and you are wonderful exactly as you are.

Enough about me…what about you?

This work will have you questioning everything you believed you stood for, with your structures crumbling, your truths being tested and your life thrown into a cauldron, for you to stir, enquire into, and decide what parts YOU want to really live while you are here on this Earth.

We use Ancient Hermetic Astrological Practices and Astral Energy to see where blockages are sitting and begin to change your energetic system to assist with the process of you changing your structure of being into that of the most powerful creator of your own life.


The Wildcrafted journey is a 3 month commitment depending on what you are looking at changing in your lives. This isn’t a cookie cutter model, and it will be different for each person, always.
There are two payment options currently – $250 a month or a year upfront for $3000. 

I do Discovery Sessions of 1/2 an hour for us to have a chat about how I can help you.

Or feel free to email me if you would rather chat that way.

To understand what I stand for and how I work, head to my Journal and read my words.