What Does This Look Like?

Alchemy is the magic revealed in your life as we work together. We work to bring your focus on to what you would Love to have in your life, instead of what you need to fix in your life.

We move with grace from the circumstances of your current reality controlling everything, into the power of creating your chosen end result. There is trust, depth and truth in this process. It is a true heroine’s journey, and we all know that in the heroine’s journey, much falls apart and away before the rebuilding can become a solid foundation.

Every person’s life and journey is different and that is honoured in your time with me. I don’t know all the answers, but I know I can help you change your life.

We will work to uncover and then create your wildest desires. The dreams you don’t believe you can have. We work with what you would love, over and over and over, until our language changes and there is a softening into who you are and what you desire. We raise your desire into a powerful influence in your action taking and we remove all the assumptions and expectations and inherited beliefs that are locking you in cages of your own making (and sometimes others making too).

This work is a profound change in the way we think, it is powerful and holds you self responsible. We take no prisoners, only show compassion and love towards the soul that is finally freed and ready to create all that it has always been here to create.

The way you work with me is amazing! I’ve never experienced anything like it in my life. So I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am for you and your work xx ~ Wendy

Wildcrafted Package Includes

~ Stunning personalised Mandala Birth Chart with a basic natal reading (we go more indepth in our sessions together).
~ 3 months of having me on your team, not just during coaching sessions. I am available in between as well.
~ Weekly or fortnightly coaching sessions, dependant on your need level at the time.
~ A private Facebook group created solely for my private clients undertaking the Wildcrafted journey with me.
~ Personalised rituals and astral energy work plus other little bits and pieces of juiciness as they come up.

Got Questions? Suss me out in a Discovery Session!

What Would You Love?

When I found Alchemy I was in the process of burning my life to the ground. There were huge changes taking place, from leaving my marriage, betrayal from friends, and beginning to choose myself over all of the expectations placed on me (by myself mostly). One of the things that pulled me in immediately was the premise that it was okay to have what I would love. I didn’t have to prove anything, or not be broken anymore. I didn’t have to be the ‘good’ woman, wife, mother, daughter anymore. I got to be me AND I was still allowed to have what I would love. 

Desire is an Intelligence

When I work with you, I know your heart is beautiful. I know you in your greatness. I work with you from this space. I also see your soul desires as the most valid reason to create anything in your life. 

“When we go for our higher, everybody is served.” ~ Alchemy Premise

These are the words we live by. We can create our lives from anywhere, including our subconscious. When we shift our focus to creating what we would love to have in our lives (desires) we can also create from there.



The Wildcrafted journey is a 3 month commitment that is dedicated to bringing change and desire to your life. This isn’t a cookie cutter model, and it will be different for each person, always.
There are two payment options currently – $250 a month or a year upfront for $3000. 

I do Discovery Sessions of 1/2 an hour for us to have a chat about how I can help you.

Or feel free to email me if you would rather chat that way.

To understand what I stand for and how I work, head to my Journal and read my words.